what does the g. stand for?

what should we call you?

Call me gee!

What are your pronouns?

they/them preferred, but honestly I will answer to any.

anything else we should know about you?

I’m autistic! I have ADHD and anxiety! I love cats and spooky stuff and pens and kpop and fishkeeping/aquascaping!

what’s with the lowercase?

Smart person answer: I respect people like bell hooks, e e cummings, and dream hampton. And I think that the use of all lowercase just looks cleaner. I don’t tend to use uppercase when chatting with friends, and it just seemed fitting not to use it for my writing.

real answer: j-hope uses lowercase, so I use lowercase.

who the heck is j-hope?

gasp! Oh you sweet summer child. j-hope is a rapper and lead dancer from the super-popular South Korean group BTS.

are you army?

I sure am! Paid membership for years! I’ve been a fan of BTS since 2015. Ask me about my bias!

okay, who is your bias?

I have 4 lolsob. The title is shared between suga, j-hope, v, and jungkook.

writing & publishing

can i send you my writing?

honestly, while I’d love to read your work and encourage you and give you tips on your story, it’s best for both of us if I don’t. There could be some sticky stuff legally if I write something and you claim it’s similar to something you’ve sent me. So, any writing sent to me will be deleted unread. But I support you! If you want to chat about writing in general, that’s fine!

can you be my mentor?

This is a sweet request. You’re sweet! as of right now, I’m not mentoring unless it’s through an established mentoring program. But thank you for asking!

will you contribute to my anthology/essay collection/etc.?

First of all, thank you for thinking of me! Second, it depends! I need as much information about the project as possible! And then I’ll need to talk it over with my agent to see if it’s a good fit for me!

Will you come speak at my school/conference/bookstore/etc.?

All engagement requests should be directed to my agent Jim Mccarthy: