HELLO LOVELIES! Welcome to the official start of open call for submissions for TRANSMOGRIFY! If you’re here already, then you probably already know what TRANSMOGRIFY! is about. But in case you don’t: this anthology focuses on stories of literally magical trans and non-binary teens as written by figuratively magical trans and non-binary authors. 

We will be selecting one story (two max if we REALLY struggle to choose) from submissions to feature within the anthology. Boosting voices that deserve to be heard is important to us, as is sending the ladder back down, and this is our way of achieving that. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know:

submission deadline

You must have your entry submitted to me by FRIDAY, JANUARY 14TH, 2022 AT 11:59PM Pacific. Entries submitted after the cutoff will not be read.


Authors who submit stories for this open call must be:

  • 18 or older
  • US-based (Sorry, it’s a legal thing.)
  • Unagented
  • Not previously traditionally published (Self-published is okay!)
  • self-identifying as trans/non-binary (the non-binary umbrella is gigantic, so if you identify as genderfluid, genderqueer, demiboy/demigirl, agender, etc., you qualify! i’m not going to do a check of your identity but know that if you’re willfully lying in order to maybe get published, you will be hexed.)

submission criteria

  • Contain 4,000-6,000 words
  • Target young adult audiences (We’re not looking for adult stories at this time.)
  • Prominently feature some kind of magic (e.g. the setting is a magic school that the characters attend, or the characters use hearth magic, or there’s a murder mystery in which someone used magic to kill, etc.)
  • Involve a trans/non-binary main character who possesses some kind of magic (Not every character has to be trans/non-binary. But they could be if you wanted.)
  • Fit under the science fiction/fantasy umbrella(Subgenres are welcome! Play with it. Go wild.)
  • Be original, previously unpublished, and completely your own work (Plagiarism is not tolerated. We’ll definitely find out—maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow…)

submission steps

In order to submit your story to us, please fill out this Google form and attach your story: https://forms.gle/pScaMqpREWt2A8C78 

Stories must be in a Word document to allow judges to make comments. Be sure to use a legible font; any submissions without clear text will not be read. Additionally, any submissions emailed directly to us unsolicited will not be read. You MUST use the form. If you have issues with the form, reach out and let us know so we can discuss alternatives. To ensure that you have read the submission guidelines, please respond SOPE REUNION 2K21 when asked for the secret answer.

judging criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based upon: 

  • Premise
  • Voice
  • Plot execution
  • Character
  • Cohesion with other stories within the anthology

judges’ wishlist

While we have a wide array of representation already within the anthology, there’s always room at the table for more. Judges would LOVE to see:

  • Marginalized writers (esp Indigenous, Asian, Black, and Latinx authors!)
  • Younger writers (18-25)
  • Trans femme writers
  • Disabled writers and main characters
  • Stories about magic that is culturally significant to the author
  • Trope subversions
  • Strong atmosphere
  • Eccentric/weird ideas
  • Classical fantasy with a trans narrative
  • Magic reclamation
  • Fantasy romcoms


The winning submission will feature within the TRANSMOGRIFY! Anthology, to be published Summer 2023 by HarperTeen. Author of the winning submission will receive the same monetary compensation as other contributors, paid in two parts—once upon acceptance into the anthology and signing of contributor agreement, then again upon delivery and acceptance of the anthology manuscript by HarperTeen.

got more questions? reach out to us at transmogrifysubmissions@gmail.com – but remember, do NOT submit your story directly to this email. Use the form!